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The AnchorSuit® What is it?

The AnchorSuit® is a neoprene wet suit type cover for the fluke anchor, which softens all impact points of the anchor. Any boater knows that the fluke anchor is well known for its sharp, pointed and jagged edges which are hazards, as well as a nuisance. So with this in mind, the AnchorSuit® was created to prevent the anchor from causing damage and injury to boats and boaters alike.

AnchorSuit® Nominated For Best New Boating Product At Newport International Boat Show

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DISCLAIMER: All watercraft should be securely anchored prior to using the AnchorSuit®. The AnchorSuit® is not intended to be used as a flotation device of any kind or as clothing, or for use by children. Alongshore Products, Inc is not responsible for loss or damage to any watercraft or other equipment or injury to person or persons resulting from correct or incorrect use of this product. The limitations set forth in this disclaimer are in addition to and not in lieu of the limited warranty provided with the AnchorSuit®.